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Commercial Industrial Waste

Front lift Industrial Waste

Atlas commercial front lift bin is the most economical and convenient system to date for ongoing rubbish removal and recycling, from a low volume user to a weekly or daily waste removal needs.

These general waste and recycling bins remain on your site and provide a neat and compact solution to store waste and recyclables between collections. Our Commercial front lift waste bins come in three sizes. 1.5m³, 3m³, 4.5m³. They all have options to include lockable plastic lids and castors for easy movement.

Atlas Waste Management Front Lift services are suitable for the collection and disposal of most types of light industrial and commercial waste including:

  • General light waste

  • Dry non-hazardous waste

  • Cardboard and paper recycling

If you would like to know more about our Commercial waste bin services, we provide throughout the Melbourne region, please CALL US TODAY on 18000 28527 or 18000 ATLAS (28527). Our customer service representative will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide all the information you need to make the right decision.

Rear lift Industrial Waste

Rear lift collections are performed often where bins are left for collection with the driver wheeling bins to the “rear” of the vehicle, where the bin is placed on a hydraulic comb that weigh the bin, emptying waste into the back of the vehicle where its compacted into the vehicle body. Atlas Waste Management operates a fleet of rear lift collection vehicles across its operations, providing our customers with a range of reliable service solutions for commercial and Industrial waste. With safety at the forefront of everything we do, rear lift services are ideal for any sized businesses who seek:

  • A smaller bin option where space is a premium for the customer, or the location of the bin is separate to the collections area.

  • A service solution for low entry or inner-city back lane ways, as rear lift trucks are more compact in size.

  • Larger businesses where they require multiple bins for swap over, for example, shopping centres, factories and warehouses.

  • Flexible service options based on your businesses waste and recycling volumes.

  • A standard approach to all waste and recycling streams that encourages positive recycling outcomes.

Marrel/Skip Lift Industrial Waste

Marrel/Skip Bin is the most common skip bin on the market used mostly for domestic rubbish waste. 

Our complete range of bins vary in size from 2m³ to 31m³. Bins are measured in cubic metres which is Length x Width x Height. A 2m³ walk in bin is not 2m long, 2m high or 2m wide, it is 2 cubic metres. With high sides and a short length, the Marrel/Skip bin tends to need an area of space roughly the size of a car parking space. 

The Marrel/Skip Bin is lowered down into its space. An access clearance area approximately of 3 metres is required and there must be no overhanging branches or wires in the way of the drop off area. 

Most of our Marrel/Skip bins come with wheelbarrow access, however, please clarify if this is something you need with our customer service to ensure that we deliver you the skip that meets your requirements.

Hook Lift Industrial Waste

Hook Lift Skip Bin is the most common skip bin on the market Used primarily for both Commercial and Construction rubbish waste. Hook skip bin sizes start from 6 cubic metres, right through to sizes as large as 31 cubic metres to cover all requirements . 

The hook lift skip bin is loaded on and off a truck by using a hook that grabs the bin, before rolling it off into the space it is designated for. Comes with a rear door  for access i.e., when using a bobcat, wheelbarrow or handloading.

Bins available for this service

Mobile Bins

Mobile Bins

Atlas Mobile bins are great for people who need to get rid of waste in awkward places.

Available Sizes

Front Lift

Front Lift

Front lift bins are a popular option for large volumes of dry, compactable waste which includes paper, cardboard and general waste.

Available Sizes

Rear Lift

Rear Lift

If you need a container for small to medium volumes of commercial and industrial waste, our recommendation is a rear lift bin.

Available Sizes

Skip Bins

Skip Bins

Atlas Waste provides a range of ‘skip bins’ to manage waste generated from renovations, garden or office clean ups, or from building and demolition sites.

Available Sizes

Hook Bins

Hook Bins

Hook lift bins are ideal for shifting large amounts of bulk waste and recycling. We have multiple sizes available for every requirement.

Available Sizes

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