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Sustainable Waste Solutions

Our focus is on recycling, sustainability and the environment. Our three focuses drive us in our commitment to providing safe, sustainable waste management solutions to help preserve this planet for future generations. 


For governments, local councils and businesses alike, managing waste is more important than ever. From plastics, paper, metals and cardboard our focus is now on turning them into something useful.


Our facility specialises in the consolidation and collection of recyclable materials, which are then converted back into useable products. We ensure materials such as plastic, glass, cardboard and aluminium are reused within the consumable market, thereby reducing landfill.

Our Commitment

Atlas’ commitment to sustainable best business practice includes:

  • Ensure 100% recycling assessment of materials collected for reuse, recycling and reprocessing​

  • Maintain as a minimum, effective and real 85% recycling and resource recovery rates on all waste processed

  • Utilise only fully approved and licensed Resource Recovery & Recycling Facilities

  • Ensure that all non-compliant waste residuals that are ‘not fit’ for reuse or recycling are sent to a licensed and approved landfill

  • Offer clients on-site recycling and resource separation solutions to reduce energy and fuel consumption required for the resource recovery process


Recyling made easy

Recycling does not have to be hard. When you use Atlas Waste, each step of the way is easy. From our outstanding customer service to our simple bin-hire process, we help make your journey with sustainable recycling that bit more accessible. 


By using Atlas Waste, you can be assured that you are using a waste management solutions service that is doing it's utmost to strive towards a waste-free world. Our vision is for 100% of the waste we collect to be recycled. 

We care about the environment and are committed to preserving this planet for future generations.

Interested in our Services?

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