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  • What cannot go into the rubbish skips?
    At Atlas Waste, environmental impact is of the greatest importance to us. As such, we will not supply rubbish skips for the waste removal of asbestos, car batteries, liquids, paints, chemicals, gas bottles, or food waste. Tree stumps are also not accepted, and mattresses and tyres incur extra fees. 02
  • Can the bin be placed on my nature strip?
    Regulations stipulate that in order for a rubbish skip to placed outside a residential block, council permits are required. Permits are also required where the skip is to be placed on the road way. Atlas Waste and Recycling Management will handle all the paperwork for the Council Permit.
  • For how long can I hire the rubbish skip?
    We have a 4-day maximum hire on all our skips. Longer periods of hire are available where requested at an additional cost.
  • How high can I fill the bin?
    Our skips can only be filled to the side of the bins. No boards or similar material can be placed on the sides to make the bin take more rubbish. Regulations ensure we must, and do, comply with Vic Roads safety rules and regulations. The removal of materials we deem unsafe to transport will not be removed and additional costs will be incurred where our collectors arrive on site for non-pickup. In this situation, YOU will be required to unpack the unit to an appropriate level. These rules apply for all of our bins.
  • Can I open an account with Atlas Waste and Recycling Management?
    Certainly. Simply ask one of our friendly staff members to email out a credit application form or request a form through the Contact Us page on our site. Once credible references have been supplied and the form has been returned, Atlas Waste will extend credit to you.
  • Where can I take items not accepted in your skips?
    Please refer to your local council, local tip or transfer station for effective waste removal procedures – they may be able to take items at a charge.
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